Case Studies


The issue An assembly that is used for the installation of a support track system required a failsafe weight capacity of 1.1 metric ton. The assembly was failing at 0.7 metric ton. The challenge To increase the weight capacity to support 1.1 metric ton or more, without changing the part design while maintaining the original component cost. The answer SMI produced a series of prototypes using a material that the design team did not know was available. The result Testing was halted when the assembly reached 2.6 metric tons without any sign of failure.


The issue To compete with Taiwan for a component that required manual assembly. The challenge To eliminate the manual assembly process. The answer SMI designed and built a die that produced both components simultaneously and assembled the two parts in the press in one manufacturing operation. The result SMI was able to come to market with an assembly that was 15% less expensive.


The issue Reduce the cost and delivery time related to adding threaded holes to manufactured components. The challenge Eliminate the extra manual operation. The answer SMI designed and built tooling incorporating state of the art in die tapping technology. The result SMI was able to produce components in 30% of the time, reducing their cost while increasing the thread quality.